Walking Plan

I've always been a walker. Lots of people are, and I don't have anything new to say about walking, apart from that I like to do it. I like the pace, I like looking at things as I walk, I like the scale of walking.

I don't like to run. Well, I like some things about it: I like that it's good exercise, that it's pretty easy to do (logistically if not athletically), that it generates lots of geeky data. But I don't like actually doing it. And it turns out I don't have the self-discipline to sustain a habit which I don't enjoy, even though it's good for me.

Fortunately, I like walking. And walking is good for me too. I suppose aerobically it's not as good as running, but biomechanically it's almost certainly better. And mentally it's beyond compare. So I'm going to stop berating myself for not running, and start walking. (It's part of a grander intention to stop berating myself for not being what I'm not – ambitious, tireless – and start working with what I am – smart, affable, orderly.)

My grander plan is to walk a half-marathon. I haven't decided which one yet – probably in the spring. I figure it's do-able; I'm pretty sure I walked 21K in a day back when I was touring Europe (13 years ago – shut up!) I suppose I could set myself some kind of time goal, but see above re: ambitious, not.

I'm going to walk 5K on Tuesdays and Thursdays and 10K on Sunday mornings. I'll kill two birds with one stone by listening to audiobooks (or really awesome music) while I'm walking.

It's going to be great! This is the best plan ever.