A quick roundup of the GSoC projects I was involved in.

Daniel’s QuickLook Support

There’s an extension which adds QuickLook support to Thunderbird. To run correctly, it needs a patch to msgHdrOverlay (included in the repo).

The extension is also packaged as a set of changes to Thunderbird, which you can find over here. Daniel is working on testing those changes and then turning them into a patch which we can review, and eventually add to Thunderbird. For now, the changes to Thunderbird need to go in a qlxpcom subdirectory under mailnews/extensions, and there are two diffs which need to be applied. See bug 457546 for updates.

Ian’s Improved Attachment Handling

Ian decided that the easiest way forward on this would be to concentrate on the DataMiners extension. He did all of his work in a fork on BitBucket, but it has since been pulled into the official repository.

I’m quite happy with the amount of work they both put in, and am looking forward to seeing them continue to develop their projects in the future.