Morning folks.

Well, the header on this page says "Thoughts from the Brown-Winton household". I suppose a loose interpretation of that would be that any and all info on this site is being broadcast from a server at said "Brown-Winton household". With that in mind, lets consider me the roving reporter. . . No, National Correspondant! Much better.

Woody here, coming to you live from Victoria, British Columbia. Yah. Well, today I have a job interview. This is a good thing. This will bring me inside for the rainy winter, as I am currently a construction labourer. Winters on Salt Spring are very wet, and I have developed many bruises from working with hand tools on cold mornings. Keyboards are much more forgiving. Not to say you can't get bruised by a keyboard. Call blake "My Bitch" before he's had his morning latte, and this point will be illustrated.

So, with any luck, I will be doing QA for a company that writes interfaces between ECG machines and allows for a person at one location to bw monitored by a doctor at another location, while the data is being stored at another. Sounds pretty cool. I've been missing my geek fix, so, although I'd prefer to be doing admin on *nix systems, QA on VB will do. . . Hush, you!

Well, shower, off to print resume, off to get a Sally Bun (oh, you'll hear more about Sally Buns in the future), then interview, then hook up with an old buddy, then a we design contract meeting, then a squash game. Full day, eh? And still, I take the time to keep you updated. Damn, that's one fine fellow.

One (or two) last thing(s) before I go. First, I haven't had my coffee. This should explain my otherwise cryptic use of "paragraphs" in this post. I judt kind of start a new one when the urge strikes me (as opposed to Blake's keyboard). Second, well, I always allow for another point when saying how many I'll have. That leaves room in case anything comes to mind while prattling off the first. In this instance, there is no second, but if there had been, I'd have been set.