Well, I meant to write something about turning 30 here last week, when I had the whole week off, but somehow I didn't have the time. In my defense, I watched many movies, read four books, and went to the zoo, so it isn't as if I was sitting around doing nothing. I did get some truly excellent presents from Amy. Underwear, books, and a NetMD (this one), which I've been listening to almost constantly, making various mixes of full albums (Norah Jones, and NWA), random songs (Blue Man Group), and even some BBC Radio Plays (The His Dark Materials series, which spans two minidiscs at the highest compression! 7½ hours of radio play, taken from RealAudio, through MP3 to ATRAC3-LP4). Other than the new stuff, 30 seems awfully similar to 29, which I'm sure comes as no big surprise to anyone. Um, and that's all about 30.

On to equally interesting news. I worked out again today, pushing the weights up a little from where I had them last week just to see how more weight would feel. Not so bad, so I think I'm going to use the new settings next time. After I worked out, I had a blood pressure of 127 over 85, which continues to be just fine, although we'll see what the ham I'm having for dinner will do to it. And tomorrow I (hopefully) play some squash with Andy Cain, which will be a nice aerobic workout to go with the anaerobic stuff I did this evening.