Seventeen Months

Words Delphine Says

Cat. Duck. Ball. Daddy. Mummy. (She doesn't quite know who is which, though.) Baby. No. (Sometimes polysyllabically, Aussie-style.) Bubby (for my chestal region and the pleasures thereof.) Down, as a nice counterpoint to "up!". She sometimes says "Up please". Other times she just says "Up UP!"

Fifteen Month Stats, Finally

She was 22 lbs 11 oz, and 30.7 inches, meaning she had gained 11 oz and .7 inches since her one-year checkup. That's not very much; she's slid from the 95th percentile at birth to the 50th now. Yeah, I know they're not supposed to gain much in the second year, but more than that. Anyway, she seems bigger now so maybe she has had that growth spurt we've all been waiting for. Her next checkup is November 17th.

Height growth chart (in cm)
Height growth chart (in cm).
Weight growth chart (in kg)
Weight growth chart (in kg).

Sleeping, Eating, Teeth, Hair

Asleep She's still sleeping in the crib. The last couple of nights have been great, the couple before that not so good, and so on. It's a process. I'm surprised by how she has taken to it, though. After we go through our bedtime routine (diaper, jammies, teeth, nurse) she veritably lunges for the crib face-down, tucks all her limbs underneath her and goes right to sleep.

She has just started cutting her canines. Once they are in each type of tooth -- incisors, molars and canines -- will be represented, meaning she can eat anything we can eat. I don't buy much food especially for her anymore, apart from crackers and high-fat dairy products. She still loves tomatoes more than anything, and I don't think there's anything that she particularly dislikes, although she's not very interested in most things. Perhaps I am nursing her too much? I didn't think that was possible, but then I have only read the hippie attachment parenting books on the subject.

New hairdo I cut her hair for the first time yesterday -- the front is still really short, so I trimmed the sides and back so it doesn't look so mulletty. It's much better now, and she kind of looks older. I didn't do a fantastic job, technically; the sides look a bit hacked at, and there are a couple of wisps at the back that I couldn't get because she kept moving away, but her hair is haphazard enough in general that my clumsy efforts don't stand out.


All these dry factoids are inadequate to express what Delphine's like, how she is. She's so interesting, funny, clever. She loves to be read to, and to go for walks. She is fascinated by plants. She can stroke the cats gently. She dances to music, bouncing and turning around and rocking from foot to foot. She likes to clean up, walking around the house with a rag wiping things, and "sweeping up" with a whisk brush (really she finds the neat piles of stuff that I have swept, and flings them around with her brush). She loves to say no: "Nnnn-aaaa-oooo!" She is a hundred times more interesting now than when she was a baby, and I love to be with her. I miss her when she is sleeping or out with her auntie or grandparents. She is both lovely, and amazing, and I tell her so all the time.