A pEditPro/pEdit32 Conduit.

I've recently started exploring the world of writing COM-based conduits for the Palm in Python. I had one working for the PalmBlosxom application I've mentioned previously, and I figured that it wouldn't be a huge task to modify it to just copy any memos from the Memo32DB to files and folders in a directory. And it wasn't that hard. The biggest problem I ran into was trying to instantiate an object that I should have gotten from another object. The error message was a little misleading (at least to me, someone who hasn't spent a lot of time in figuring out COM error messages), but I finally realized what had happened by reading the documentation. And perhaps the most surprising thing was that I started development on my computer at work, and finished it on my computer at home, through the use of Subversion. I figured I'ld have to install a bunch of stuff on my home computer to be able to build the code, (it currently requires InnoSetup Beta 5, py2exe, wxPython, and Python 2.3,) but I guess I had all that stuff from the last time I tried developing something from home.

So, I invite anyone and everyone to give it a try. It'll only work for Windows users, but it should be fine for them. I don't know of any bugs, and I'm quite sure that even if there are bugs, it won't destroy your Palm's data (I do no writing to the Palm, so the data on it should be safe, right?), and you can always uninstall the conduit. That was one of the toughest things to get working correctly, surprisingly. There are a couple more features I'ld like to add before I feel it's ready to have a 1.0 version number. (Actual two-way syncing being the main one. And having a configuration dialog that wasn't just a big blank screen would be another. Perhaps switching to the C++-based Conduit API would be useful as well, for cross-platform issues, but I'm not sure how I could build a conduit that way.) And leave me some comments if you have any problems or suggestions, or even if you don't. I'ld like to see who's using the little tools I put out there.