Little Milestones

(Does that mean the stones are little, or the miles?)

We did two big things yesterday. First, I bought child tickets for the TTC. $0.45 each. Delphine is two, so she doesn't get on for free any more. I have defauded the TTC a couple of times since she turned two by just putting in a token in the wheelchair turnstile and pushing her through (I know, I am a VERY BAD PERSON) but this time I figured she would be taking up an entire seat and we should really pay for it.

And she was taking up an entire seat because for the first time, we went on a significant journey (to see Dexter and Ellen -- a subway ride and a bus ride) without any kind of transportation device. No stroller, no sling, no carrier, just me and Miss D. Mostly I carried her, and she had her own seat on the train and the bus (which she even sat on most of the time.) It's like she's a real actual person!

In other news, this morning we were all cuddled up in bed and Delphine was singing "Head and shoulders", except she still omits the shoulders. Anyway, I wasn't wearing anything and she looked at my boobies and said "Sing it, boobie?"

(She does this thing where she wants you to sing something and you have to guess what it is from the one or two words she remembers. Yesterday she came up with "love you, moon, skinny" and I figured out it was "Skinnamarinky-dinky-dink", complete with hand gestures. She must hear that at daycare because I have never sung it to her. But I still remembered the whole thing from watching The Elephant Show when I was a kid.)

So I couldn't think of any boobie songs (can you?) so I made up a new version of "Head and Shoulders" with boobies instead of shoulders. She liked it quite a lot and made me sing it several times. I just hope she doesn't sing it at daycare.