Delphine is still a little backwards with her talking. I don't mean she's behind where she should be, I mean she's literally backwards.

For one thing, she isn't clear on whose lines are whose, and is constantly treading on your lines when you talk to her. For example, when Blake brings her into the bedroom in the morning she says to me, "Good morning, Delphine." When she sees someone for the first time that day she says "Hi, Delphine." And when she wants something, say milk, she says "Do you want some milk?" When she was nursing her best line was "Do you want some boobie?" Uh, no thanks, I have two.

She also does this Yoda-esque backwards grammar thing. "Take it, shower, Daddy?" "Read it, book." I sort of wish I had my very own linguist on staff to explain it all.