Conversations with Delphine: Bedtime Edition

I mentioned in a previous post that Delphine likes to postpone the actual sleep part of bedtime by coming up with ingenius time-wasting requests. I will be sitting in the living room and I will hear the quiet click of the bedroom door opening, and Delphine will emerge in her adorable pajamas and look at me with improbably large eyes and say "Mummy..." I regard her seriously, and after a moment of silence I say "Yes?"

And she says "I need another buddy." Or, "I need cold fresh water." Or, "I need a cuddle." And today, the best yet,

"Can I be a juggler?"

I took a deep breath, tried not to laugh: "Yes, when you grow up you can be a juggler, but right now you have to go to sleep."

And she solemnly turned around and climbed back into bed.