The Route.

A while ago, I mentioned that I was going to head up to Balm Beach on my bicycle. Well, the date has been set, and it's this coming Saturday. I've done a couple of successively longer rides after the 87km Musselman Lake ride, a 103km ride out to Holland Landing and back, and a 126km ride up to Keswick and back. I've planned out a route (see right), and think it should be a long, but do-able ride. It's a little bit longer than my longest ride (which was yesterday, up to Keswick and back), but I'm going to start earlier (8:00am from Steeles, instead of 9:00am from Finch), and I don't mind finishing later. (I finished the Keswick ride, including taking the subway home from Finch, at 5:30pm, but these days, it's light out until almost 9:00pm. I don't really want to be biking for 13 hours continuously, but it's good to know that the option is there, if I decide to stop for a really long lunch, or something.)

The cue sheet looks something like this:

At Dist Turn Location
a 0 (or 2.1) km R Steeles
b 1.1 (or 3.2) km L Henderson
c 2.8 (or 4.9) km R John
d 3.7 (or 5.8) km L Bayview
e 16.4 (or 18.5) km R Stouffville
f 18.6 (or 20.7) km L Leslie
g 37.6 (or 39.7) km L Mount Albert Road
h 41.6 (or 43.7) km L Yonge
i 42.1 (or 44.2) km QR Holland Landing Road
turns into Bridge Street
j 48.2 (or 50.3) km VL Holland Line West
k 48.9 (or 51.0) km R Barrie Street
l 50.2 (or 52.3) km L 8th Concession
m 53.4 (or 55.5) km R 10th Sideroad
n 81.9 (or 84.0) km L Burton Ave
o ??.? km ? A trail, or Highway 40
p ??.? km R North Simcoe Rail Trail
q ??.? km O Balm Beach Road

I'm not exactly sure what's going on at step "m", so I figure I'll wing it, depending on how the trail looks, or if there even is a trail there.