Two Things I Don't Feel Guilty About

...although I feel like I should.

One: I don't read to Delphine. I know you're supposed to read to children from the moment they're born to imbue in them a deep and abiding respect for the written word, but reading to Delphine is and has always been a wresting match in which I attempt to prevent her from eating the written word. So whatever intangible benefit you're supposed to get from being read to as an infant, Delphine's not getting it.

Two: I only bath her once a week. Other people say "Oh, I hardly ever bath my baby, once every three days is enough!" Or ever four days, or so. Not Delphine! She gets a wash every seven, whether she needs it or not. I don't think it's doing her any harm.

In other news, she's learned to crawl on her hands and knees. She doesn't choose to do so very often, but she can, I've seen her. She still prefers to creep about on her belly, like a snake. I'm going to make her an outfit out of Swiffer cloths and rent her out.

She's starting to get the pincer grasp, so I let her feed herself little puffed rices and shredded cheese. She's also eating tofu, and I think tonight I will set some of our pork aside and blend it up for her lunch tomorrow. Meat!

She's learned to get back down to ground level from standing, which is great news because previously, her only option was to fall over and hit her head. It also makes her very mobile and pretty much the master of all she surveys; she can go from sitting to standing, standing to sitting, sitting to crawling, crawling to standing. Since the condo is generally safe I let her hang out on the floor, exploring and humming to herself, for long stretches of time while I get stuff done.