Bored Now

Somehow, inexplicably, I have nothing to do. There is no pressing housework, I have no paperwork to do, I can't knit because it takes too much concentration and unbroken blocks of time, I've read and read and read until my eyes are bleeding.

I guess it's not inexplicable. Christmas is over and there isn't another errand-intensive event like that in the forseeable future. More significantly, Delphine now plays by herself for reasonably long stretches of time, so jobs that used to take hours to do in between attending to her, now take a few minutes. My last problem is that this wintery weather is stretching on interminably, and I have nasty cabin fever. I've been hiding inside, only going out for necessities, for weeks now and I'm tired of it.

Fortunately, next week is rich with activities; Monday is choir, Tuesday I'm trying to set up a board games night, Wednesday morning is playgroup, Thursday I'm going to see Ellen and Dexter, and Friday is a baby storytime at the Mount Pleasant library. If that doesn't keep me amused, or at least busy, nothing will.