She Walks

Cordelia's walking. Just a few steps at a time, and she would rather crawl if she's in a hurry, but she's definitely walking, in her eleventh month.

Otherwise not much is going on (surely that's enough?). She is cute and funny and if you make kissy noises while you are holding her she will dive bomb your face with mouth wide open for a big sloppy kiss. She still has two naps a day, although they are getting shorter and more fitful and I expect she will move to one nap fairly soon. She sleeps from six fifteen or so in the evening until six in the morning. Except for the other day; the other day she slept until seven and I literally went into her room to make sure she wasn't dead. (She wasn't.)

And in a couple of weeks we will be having a birthday celebration! Mostly I am really excited because it means we can give her egg; her not eating egg makes it seem like every interesting food in the world has egg in it. Pancakes! Muffins! Scrambled... well... egg!

She has an uncanny ability to find any unguarded toilet and play with it. I am almost tempted to thoroughly clean one of the toilets and just assign it to her. And she just spread the contents of one box of toys over three rooms-worth of floor. And I wonder why I have a bad back. She's trouble, this one. But cute.