More Sleeping

You may be wondering how Cordelia's sleeping situation is working out. Probably not, but I want to write this down because it's one of those things that parents forget, like the pain of labour.

If you recall, last I posted Cordelia's crib was in our bedroom, and she wasn't sleeping very well at night. We had it like that for a while because we were going to go on vacation and didn't see the point in trying to fix anything until we got back.

When we were on vacation, Cordelia slept in another room and Delphine slept in our room. Cordelia took good naps, two a day, and slept in her own bed from around six in the evening until three in the morning. When she woke up at three, I brought her into our bed because I didn't want her crying to bother my parents. Needless to say we weren't well-rested on our holiday.

When we got back, we recreated the situation with Delphine in our room and Cordelia in another room -- Delphine's room, actually -- because that worked very well. Delphine sleeps like a log so we don't wake her up when we come to bed, whereas Cordelia is a delicate flower when it comes to sleep.

So far that has been working perfectly. I put Cordelia down at around 5:45 -- the routine is diaper, pyjamas, brush teeth, nurse (usually to sleep but sometimes she doesn't fall asleep), soother, bed -- I close the door and either she sleeps or she cries and then sleeps. She doesn't usually cry for more than five minutes, but you can tell we're second-time parents because we don't even time it any more.

She doesn't seem to wake up overnight, or if she does it's for one or two cries, then back to sleep again. She wakes up at around 5:45 or 6:00 in the morning.

She has two naps, at around 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. The routine for them is diaper, nurse, soother, bed, and again sometimes I put her down still awake. Sometimes she cries, sometimes she doesn't, and she usually sleeps for between forty-five minutes (bad) and two hours (good).

So chalk up another victory for Weissbluth. The only remaining challenge is figuring out how to get both girls sleeping in the same room, so we can have our bedroom back.