Seven and A Half Months

Cordelia is seven and a half months, and she is...

  • Sleeping in her own bed all night.
  • Eating vegetables, fruit, cereals, milk products, and some meat.
  • Chewing! So I can give her little pieces of toast and stuff and she doesn't gag. Hooray! Table food!
  • Pulling herself up to standing (and then falling over)...
  • ...but not crawling properly.
  • Although she does get around pretty well doing the worm.
  • Still really charming and smiley, but...
  • ...showing some separation anxiety. Whenever a stranger stops to talk to her she gets this slightly worried (but friendly) expression and looks at me to make sure everything is okay.
  • 19 pounds -- still large for her age, but well-proportioned.
  • Muscular and strong.