A New Start.

I got a new computer at work on Monday, and so eagerly switched over all my data to it. But I didn't install all the various programs that were on the old machine. Partly because I had a ton of stuff installed, and my registry was a complete mess, and partly because I wasn't working on a lot of the tasks I used to work on, and so didn't need the tools installed anymore. But one of the results of this is that my oh-so-clever palm-memo-to-weblog-entry conduit isn't installed, and indeed, the components it relies on also aren't installed, so while I have a perfect chance to write and test an installer, I haven't even started that yet, so all the weblog posts I'm writing there are likely going to be delayed by a few days or even up to a week.

Boy was I ever right there. It's taken almost three weeks to get that entry posted. But now my conduit has an installer, and is packaged up into a dll, and registers itself and everything, so I should be able to send it off to other people with just a little more code in the installer. I'm kind of pumped. And apparently other people are interested in doing something similar, so my little bit of code might get released in a couple of other places too. But for now, you can find the conduit, and the setup script which builds the dll and the installer here. (The code is in the conduit directory, and the setup.py script is in the root.)