That wasn't as easy as I'ld hoped.

I've started writing an installer for my PalmBlosxom conduit, and associated files. It's been both easier and harder than I had thought. It was way easier to get the installer portion written so far, and I don't see any particular difficulties cropping up in that part of it. Sure, there are still a bunch of things to do, like installing the Palm program for users who aren't named "bwinton", and learning the strange variant of Pascal that the installer uses to script things so that I can accomplish the previous task, but by and large that portion of it is done. The uninstall portion of this grand experiment, on the other hand, has been a royal pain in the ass. It was fairly easy when all I did was copy some files somewhere and I was done, but when I switched to registering the conduit with the HotSync application (so that it would run, instead of just sitting there), I started getting errors, and nothing I've attempted so far can get rid of them. I guess I can sort of understand why it thinks it can't delete the file, but I swear to you, I've unregistered the dll it thinks it can't delete about four different ways, and furthermore, as soon as the uninstaller exits I can delete the files either from the command line, or from the Windows Explorer, without any problem. Heck, I can even run the installer again, and it will overwrite them without complaining. I just can't figure out how to do it programmatically. How annoying.

So,if anyone out there has any experience with InnoSetup, and/or uninstalling Palm Conduits, I'ld appreciate it if you could drop me a line, and I'll explain in more detail what I'm trying to do, and how it's failing, or you could check out the source to my setup program (which generates the .iss file for InnoSetup), and hopefully point out my misunderstanding from it.

Update: I think I'm going to switch to NSIS. I tried the innosetup newsgroups, but they weren't as helpful as I would have hoped. I'll continue to read them, in the hopes that someone will answer my question, but I think that I'm not going to get an answer, or at least not one that I like, so NSIS it is.