Okay, this is cool.

I found myself downtown today, with nothing really to do between 3:30 and 6:30. I suppose I could have headed over to U of T, but it seemed like sort of a long way to go just to connect to the internet and come all the way back again. So instead of making the trek, or wasting two tokens, I took advantage of the 2 hours of free WiFi that comes with my Starbucks card, and stayed near Yonge, drinking green tea with a little honey, and investigating a few bugs for work. After it runs out (in another 31 minutes), I think I'm going to pack up, and walk north to my next appointment, grabbing some dinner on the way. If I'm right, that should put me right where I need to be, right when I need to be there.

Ah, if only everything in my life could fall into place this easily. (The upgrade to Aquamacs 1.6 that I just did also worked out really well. Maybe today is just my day for doing stuff!)