More Atheism

So (obviously?) I've been thinking a lot about my beliefs (or lack thereof) lately. I came across this good quote today from Dale McGowan, the guy who wrote the book about raising children without religion:

Though I’m sure they exist, I have never yet met an atheist delusional enough to say he or she knows God does not exist. Atheism simply means “I don’t think God exists.” It is a statement of belief, based on the evidence as we see it, not one of certainty. But agnostic is too often misunderstood as a 50-50, “dunno, don’t care” position. That not really an agnostic, it’s an apatheist. I said that I am a teapot agnostic, then explained what that is.

Actually the whole post is really good. Anyway, I think I might lean towards apathetic agnosticism, except that I find this stuff quite interesting to think about. And I quite enjoy not believing in stuff, which isn't very apathetic of me.