Minecraft and orcs.

I’ve been playing a bunch of Minecraft on a survival-mode server recently, and it occurred to me that when I’m playing, I basically act like an orc — cutting down all the trees, digging up all the stone, killing all the animals — all so that I can build whatever fancy strikes my mind.

In my normal life, I bike (or take public transit) for all my trips; I recycle cans, bottles, cardboard boxes; I compost vegetables in my back yard, and other organic waste through the city’s compost program; I keep the house fairly cool in winter, and we barely ran our (window) air conditioner at all this summer. But as soon as I log on to the server all the normal behaviour is right out the window.

Maybe when I build a house of my own, I’ll try to only use sustainable materials, and see how it is to live in a Minecraft world…