I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. The last time I was there, she told me that my blood pressure was too high, and that she wanted to put me on medication for the rest of my life. (Of course, she didn't phrase it quite that way, but I like to think I've got a certain gift for re-interpretation.) I convinced her that I have the willpower to change my lifestyle, and she agreed that I could try that for a few months and see if it made a difference. Well, my lifestyle has changed. I now get out to the gym three or four days a week, and my salt intake has dropped from its previous high level to something quite low, but I'm not sure if my blood pressure has gone down any. (I took it after my last round of exercising and it was 128/92, which is just over the high end of normal) It doesn't make things any better that I'm starting to stress about the appointment tomorrow, which is sure to drive it up. Well, I guess the only thing to do is go and get it done tomorrow, and live with the consequences. I guess my biggest concern now is whether I'll continue to live this new, healthier lifestyle if it's not making any difference to my health.