Not again...

Yup, it's raining, and I'm commuting. And so what happens? I bail. This time I was changing lanes on Queen Street from the center lane, across the streetcar tracks, into the outside lane in preparation for turning right. Now, on a dry day I can take those streetcar tracks at about a 10° angle, but with the metal and pavement being all wet, I guess I needed to be crossing it a little more sharply. Anyways, down I went. I have a couple of slight abrasions on my elbow and knee, but neither of them hurt as much as wiping it down with the first-aid pad. And it's another lesson learned, making two.

  1. Don't use your front brake in the rain.
  2. Don't cross streetcar tracks sideways, especially in the rain.
At this rate, I'll have enough lessons to write a book by the time I'm 80.