The times, they are a' changin...

So my role at the company is changing slightly. Due to a manpower shortage, I'll be back doing some server development. Fortunately, I sort of know my way around the modules this time, and so I don't expect many surprises to crop up. So, to make my life both simpler and more difficult at the same time, I've decided to try out a new IDE. That's right, instead of using IDEA, I'll be giving Eclipse a trial run. It hasn't been too bad so far, but I'm still kind of getting it set up to do the things I need it to.

My three main motivations for using Eclipse on this project are:

  1. I need to look at C++ code at the same time as Java code, since that's the only documentation we have for this project.
  2. The savings of an IDEA license are not inconsiderable.
  3. The co-worker who is working on it with me prefers Eclipse
Are they great reasons to switch? Maybe, maybe not, but they're good enough reasons to give it a try for a while. It helps that I have been using an older version of Eclipse for my Python development, so I'm a little familiar with it.