Just like a car.

As you might know if you read the comments in the right-hand box over there containing my biking stats, I took my bike to Cyclepath on Tuesday to get it tuned up after the long period of disuse over the winter. The estimate they gave me was Monday, but I guess they're much faster than they thought they would be, because I got a call on Thursday night letting me know that it was ready. Since Friday was a holiday, I couldn't pick it up then, but early this morning, Amy, Delphine, and I went there this morning to get it. For some reason we decided to get a bike seat for Delphine while we were there, and so we went for our first family bike ride ever. Predictably enough, Del fell fast asleep after about 5 minutes of riding, but when she was awake, as long as we were moving, she seemed to be happy.

Anyways, it was about half as fast as my normal commute, but only a couple of km/h slower than the last ride I took with Amy. Since we weren't trying to go anywhere quickly this time, and had a bunch of stops and starts while we dropped a CD off at the library, or bought some chocolate at Shoppers Drug Mart, or tried to figure out why that road didn't go where we thought it would, I figure we were probably going at pretty much the same speed.

I'm not sure if you can tell from this post, but I'm really insanely excited about going out on rides with Amy and Del. I can just imagine all the places we'll go, and I'm looking forward to seeing how fast we are going by the time we decide to hang up the bikes. Oh, and I've got a brand new rear rack. Shiny.