Not Really

I'm not really inspired by this posting to the Internet thing lately. I don't have anything particularly original or interesting to say, and I don't say what I do have to say in an interesting or amusing fashion. On the other hand it is nice to keep a kind of digital scrapbook of interesting (to me) things that happen in my life, and this is as good a place as any to keep it. And I know there are a few people who care about me and who I care about who come here and read every so often.

I interrupt myself to say, this is just another meta-entry, isn't it? How dull. Please excuse me, and here is some real content:

I am in that weird spot in my pregnancy, that weird second trimester spot where I feel generally healthy and normal, I am not showing much, and I can't feel the baby moving, so it's like I'm not pregnant at all. I remember being freaked out by this last time, and I am again: Hello! What happened to my pregnancy? I have an ultrasound on April 25th which will, I hope, show that all is well and normal and present. And then soon after that I should start to feel movement, which is, well, neat and cool and nifty and all that stuff you would imagine it is.

The ultrasound should also show whether it is a girl or a boy, which is swell because if it's a boy we need to get different clothes, and also because once we know which it is we only have to pick one name.

I have actually settled on a name I like for a girl, although I'm not sure Blake is sold on it. I will have to let it sit a little longer. It's a good name for a lot of reasons, but it doesn't go so well with Brown, which would be her last name. I don't think many names do, though, so perhaps that is not a good criterion. We already had a name for a boy picked out back when Delphine was still believed to be a boy, so we will use that if this next one turns out to be actually a boy.

I started working a while ago, part-time, and so far it is going well. I am doing the same thing I always do, dicking around with computers, part webmaster, part sys-admin, and also I'm doing some direct marketing stuff and general around-the-officery. It's decent and fun and I'm learning new software and a new(ish) OS -- I'm on a Mac. It's kind of cool, what with being Unix as well. If I had a computer of my very own I expect I would be a Mac, but I don't.

Blake is getting a Mac of his very own but he said last night I can't use it -- I can't even have an account -- so I am stuck with the old Unix box and the PC laptop. Still, I suppose two computers are better than one. I think he is just tired of me being logged on to everything all the time. If we had one of those Internet fridges I would be logged on to it all the time, too. Why log off, when you are just going to have to log on again?