Blake and Delphine’s Excellent Week Together – Part 5.

And today it all fell apart. Instead of pre-preparing dinner when Delphine was at kindergarten, I read my book, and watched The Daily Show. As a result, the salmon casserole was nowhere near ready at 5:00, and indeed, wasn’t ready until about 6:30. So Delphine had chicken noodle soup, billion-grain toast (I’m serious, there’s no flour in this freakin’ bread. It’s all just seeds and nuts packed together somehow!), and some cherry tomatoes which my parents brought over last night (in exchange for the apple cake and apple pie and ice cream). And after we went out for fish & chips for lunch, too. Thank god for the tomatoes, or I’ld feel like a completely bad parent.

And now I’m off to read some more (by which I of course mean watch some more TV), before turning in for the night.