Blake and Delphine’s Excellent Week Together – Part 4.

Yeah, today is coming together much better than yesterday did. I just skipped the Starbucks, and came home from kindergarten, stopping off at Valumart to pick up a couple of pie shells. Oh, yeah, this morning, Delphine and I made an apple cake, but our bundt pan wasn’t nearly large enough, so we were left with a ton of apple filling. I threw it into a (store-bought, shhh!) pie shell, cut the other shell into strips, and made a nice lattice on top, and I’m now baking it at 350º for 25 minutes. (I totally guessed at the time and temperature. I suppose I should go look it up in Betty Crocker, huh? Damn, did I ever mess that one up! Betty says 425º for 40-50 minutes, with foil around the edges and stuff. Good thing I checked.) Easy-peasy (even with the foil).

Anyways, I think I’m going to end this entry now, and go sit on the couch and read my book. Muhuhehehahahahahahahahaaaaa