28 Year Checkup

I went to the doctor today for my annual physical. I always enjoy physicals because I'm generally healthy, and when else do I get to spend forty five minutes talking with someone all about me! me! me!?

Everything's good; she gave me the go-ahead to work on another baby, which is great if academic since I'm still amenorrheic due to nursing. Apparently most women start ovulating while they are still nursing. Also the average age difference between children when birth control is not used is 22 to 28 months, and pregnancies started before that are more likely to miscarry, although they're not sure why. Interesting facts which all basically mean we will let nature take its course, and also that I will start taking folic acid now so I'm all ready to go whenever my body is.

I also talked a bit about the arthritis that's developing in my hips. There's not a whole lot they can do about that, which is a bit of a pisser. She said if there's a lot of pain, or I'm anticipating some activity which will cause pain (like tennis, she said. That'll be the day.) I could take a prophylactic ibuprofen to inhibit the inflammation which causes more joint damage. Also, losing weight is a great idea, she said.

And hooray, I'm down to 195 lbs! I haven't seen this side of 200 lbs lo these many years. (I'm also down to a size 18, another numeric milestone.) I'm quite pleased that I'm still losing even though I've been sitting at 2100 calories per day for quite a while now. The doctor suggested I should go down to around 1800 calories a day, so I've changed my goal in Fitday to 2000 cpd, and I'll work my way down.

The challenge is going to be eating properly; I have a tendency to skip real food in order to save calories for treats like pastries and ice cream. Such a bad idea. I'm going to try watching my food groups, making sure I get 5 to 10 fruit and veg, 6 to 12 grain, etc etc. I have to be in good nutritional shape to make another beautiful healthy baby. I think it will be easier now that spring is coming; fruit and salads always seem more palatable in warm weather. In winter I just want large piles of meat and potatoes.