Not much to say, I just feel like being heard and I've been away from the Suspects for so long it would be weird to just step back in and start talking about myself. Isn't that what blogs are for?

It's a partly cloudy day, and I feel my mood rise and fall precisely with the appearance and disappearance of the sun. Delphine is in the middle of a long nap, and I should be doing housework but I'm catching up on Mimi Smartypants and Dooce instead. Morgan's coming over tomorrow afternoon to babysit while I houseclean, so that has given me license to slack off and play with the baby instead of trying to clean. Which is good because Delphine has a cold and she's needy and cranky and really doesn't want to have to hang desperately onto my pants leg as I try and wash dishes.

I'm coming down with a cold, too, probably the same one. It's only mild as yet, just a scratchy throat. Hopefully I'll lick it quickly and pass the antibodies onto Del so we aren't sick for too long.