Foul Friday

Most of the day was okay. Neither Blake nor I were in the best of moods, but we dealt and got on with things. We're having our big deck party tomorrow so I had a bunch of housework-y things to do, but I didn't feel like doing them and procrastinated most of the day.

Meanwhile Blake got this new superfast hard drive thing he was really excited about, and spent the rest of the afternoon failing to get it to work with his computer.

My plan was to take the girls to the library after school and then pick up fish and chips for dinner. However about three metres outside the school door they started pick pick picking at each other, and when Delphine shoved Cordelia I informed them that we were not going to the library and we would just eat whatever rubbish was in the fridge. Then I stormed home and they followed me all "wah wah, you're walking too fast". I was SO MAD.

On the way home I decided fuck this, I want to go to the library. So I dropped the girls off at the end of the block with strict instructions to go to their rooms and not bother Daddy, and then I charged off to the library. Stomp stomp stomp.

I spent most of the walk to the library trying to call and text Blake to make sure the girls got home okay and that he knew the situation. I finally got through and he told me he'd been talking to the girls. Or Talking To the girls. I'm sure Delphine gave him a pretty good recap so he had the information he needed to handle it.

It's a good thing I went to the library because there were seven (7) things on hold for me: two audiobooks, a CD, and four books including Your Seven-Year-Old: Life in a Minor Key (no shit!) I picked up fish and chips anyway because I didn't want to cook, and went home to find the girls had set the table and tidied up for me. They were being very nice to me and each other, and for an hour or so everything was good.

Then the girls bashed their heads together while spinning on the swings. Cordelia sustained the blow toward the back of her head, and Delphine on her temple. Despite the obvious physical impossibility, it seemed like Delphine got the worst of the collision – Cordelia cried for a while and then was fine, but Delphine was dizzy and sick, had a headache so bad it made her cry and blurred vision in her left eye. The headache and nausea carried on through dinner, until she puked and then everything seemed to feel better. (How does that work? It works for me with migraines too.)

Now she's asleep and I'm reading about concussions and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and second-guessing myself. Should we have gone to a clinic? Should we have called the doctor? (Hah. As if you can "call" the doctor.) I'll check on her tonight and keep an eye on her tomorrow, and try and get her to rest. (Maybe a lot of TV?)

Hopefully tomorrow will go better.