Delphine Talk

Delphine says "Do you remember when I was three (free) but not even three and a half and we lived in the old house..." Or, while we were in the middle of the reno, "...and we were not renovating" Ah, the good old days when we were not renovating.

We finally managed to drag the electric piano upstairs and the girls love it; Cordelia just bashes away but Delphine would really like to play properly. I am going to see if there are decent piano lessons available for four-year-olds. In the meantime, though, she calls the high notes "light" and the low notes "dark"; synaesthesia or just good sense?

Delphine Watches TV

Sometime in the last six months, Delphine has gone from a little kid who almost never watches TV to a little kid who habitually watches one or two shows every day. It started after we moved, when the house was littered with choking hazards, falling hazards, breaking hazards and general getting in the way hazards and the TV was a handy way of keeping Delphine happy in one place. Since then we just haven't seemed to phase it out, and now I let her watch a couple of shows when Cordelia is napping.

Delphine doesn't like anything with any kind of, how to put this... conflict. She is still very easily scared so we stick with shows where the conflict is mainly inter-personal or internal -- Max can't find his monster mask; Franklin needs help tying knots. Even still, she hides her head in the couch for the scary bits of Franklin and the Thunderstorm.

So we watch Franklin (love that theme music!), Max and Ruby (but it's just not the same now that Samantha Morton isn't voicing Ruby), Timothy Goes To School, and of course Charlie and Lola, which I love because it's so very very English and I'm a big ol' Anglophile. If you can be a -phile of what you are, anyway.