We Invented a Game!

Delphine, her friend Darina and I invented a word game. It goes like this:

  1. The first player says a letter.
  2. The next player says that letter and then another letter to start spelling a word.
  3. The first player says the first two letters then continues spelling the word – maybe the same word as the second player, maybe not.
  4. The players continue to take turns spelling, adding a letter each time.

You win if:
- you finish spelling a word and the other player can't think of a way to make it longer.
- you stump the other player - they can't think of a word which starts with the letters so far.

So we just did:

Amy: A
Delphine: A-W
Amy: A-W-E
Delphine: ... (she didn't know "awesome" has an "e")

Delphine: J
Amy: J-U
Delphine: J-U-N
Amy: J-U-N-I
Delphine: ...

I was going for "junior" but Cordelia reminded me about "juniper".

Then Cordelia gave us "G" as a start letter, and Delphine lead with:

Amy: G-E-N
Delphine: G-E-N-U
Amy: G-E-N-U-I
Delphine: G-E-N-U-I-N
Amy: G-E-N-U-I-N-E

So I won that round because I got to the end of the word and Delphine couldn't make it longer. But then we decided (when we did "zamboni") that if you're both obviously working on the same word you should both get a point. (We're not much for points, anyway.) It works best if you're playing with someone with about the same vocaulary as you; I kept stumping Delphine with ridiculous words but Delphine and Darina were well-matched.

Anyway, I don't know if it's a brilliant game but we almost never come up with good games so we're pretty pleased with ourselves.