Sixth Birthday

Delphine's birthday was better than her party, although still a weird day. For one thing, it's Mother's Day so she had to share her special day with me. And after breakfast, Cordelia came down with that same miserable puking sickness Delphine just recovered from. But before the major puking set in, Delphine managed to open a truly impressive haul of presents. I love buying things for her, and I don't indulge throughout the year, so birthdays and Christmas are OTT.

She got a million books, some science magazines, a prism to hang in her window, some hairbands, a bunch of super cute summer clothes from Baba, games from friends, wind chimes, a badminton set, some stationery, and her very own metal water bottle to take to school. I managed to get her a whole bunch of stuff without adding to the existing quantities of junk in her room: no new dolls, no new buddies, no new Playmobil or little toys which are hard to put away. More books, but she still has plenty of feet of empty bookshelf space to fill before that becomes a problem.

The rest of the day was pretty low key. Blake and I spelled off lying on the couch with Cordelia and hanging out with Delphine; he played badminton, I helped her paint her wind chime. Later Baba and Zaida took her out for a swim, while Blake and I took turns napping with Cordelia. I took the first shift, and woke up in one of those completely confused hazes. A cup of tea cured that, and I commenced making Delphine's birthday cake. I did a crazy food colouring rainbow cake; three layers of cake (purple, green and orange) separated by three layers of icing (blue, yellow and red). Considering I started it so late in the day and I've never made a cake like that it turned out pretty well. (Pictures were taken and will eventually appear.)

Delphine didn't eat much of her birthday dinner; her appetite still hasn't recovered since she was sick. But she had a nice time with her family and she liked her presents (hooray!). This might not have been the best birthday ever, but it was still a good one.