Six Month Statistics

We took Cordelia for her six month checkup. She had two shots (Pentacel and Prevnar, I think; I wrote it down) and was weighed and measured. She's 17 lbs and one ounce, 27 inches long and has a head circumference of around 17 inches. Her growth curve is levelling out a little too rapidly for our doctor's liking; the same thing happened with Delphine, and it only resolved itself when we started enforcing a proper sleep schedule. Cordelia's sleep is appalling and we are going to have to fix it, but I don't want to think about it. There will be crying.

She still smiles a lot, and has taken to laughing. You can make her laugh by tickling her, but she also laughs if you laugh, or if you make a silly face, or if you put her on your head like a hat. And she makes me laugh, with her silly gummy smile and her noisy babbling.

She says "Ba ba bah", and pushes up onto her hands and knees, and can sit up by herself, although I still like to lurk nearby when she's sitting because she's not adept enough to fall over gracefully, and inevitably smucks her head on the floor. She's pretty mobile, in a limited kind of way -- she gets around on her belly, and I'm never sure how much of the getting around is deliberate and how much is just incidental to her flailing.