One Month

Cordelia is one month old tomorrow, and so far she's turning out pretty well.

The last three or four times anyone has listened to her heart, they didn't hear an arrythmia at all. In fact, our GP couldn't hear it the week after we saw the cardiologist, so apparently it cleared up seconds after we left her office. We still have to go see her again for a follow-up visit, so we aren't officially out of the woods quite yet.

Cordelia is another very sweet baby, like Delphine. She hardly cries at all, she just grunts and makes little kvetching noises. In the last couple of days she's had angry spells in the evening, where she cries with great vigour for a few minutes at a time. She can usually be distracted easily enough, though, and the fury ends as soon as it begins. Crying is supposed to peak at around six weeks, so hopefully this evening foolishness won't go on for too long.

She's eleven pounds now; she has been gaining an ounce a day for the last three weeks or so. She is plump and sturdy -- I wonder where she gets that...

It is hard having a tiny baby again. She likes to be held all the time, so I am back to doing everything with one hand. And it's very frustrating dealing with Delphine; when I nurse Cordelia she bugs me to read to her or play with her, or she climbs up in my lap. I can't wait until Cordelia is a little older and can sit up, or even walk. I know I shouldn't wish my child's life away, but honestly, if she were any other kind of mammal she would still be in utero at this stage.