Much better

I'm feeling better! Calloo! Callay! I'm still tireder than usual, but the nausea is gone and I'm actually regaining my interest in food. Yum! Food!

We had our first ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, to check for signs of chromosomal abnormalities, and everything was fine. The baby is the right size for this stage, and has a nasal bone. I don't know about that last part, but apparently it's good. We got a picture which I will post in the Family Snapshots sometime. (Well, probably not for a while because the little computer is futzed, but that's another story.)

The thing I'm fascinated about with this baby is how little attention he (we don't know yet so I'm just going to go with "he") needs. When Delphine was in utero I spent so much time thinking about her and about being pregnant; practically everything I did was informed by the knowledge that I was a special glowy pregnant women, all creating life and stuff. This time I'm busy with other things like looking after Delphine, keeping house, buying groceries, being sick and miserable. I go for hours at a time without even thinking about being pregnant. And yet still he grows inside me, taking what he needs without making a fuss about it. He's not going to be this independent again until he's, like, eighteen.