Assaulted Women Need Your Help

The short-term goal of all this running foolishness is to run the 5K event in the Toronto Waterfront Marathon on September 24th, in aid of the Assaulted Women's Helpline. Initially my friend Michelle talked me into doing the 5K walk because she is involved with the helpline, and then I decided to upgrade to the run. And now I have to collect pledges, which I hate doing. I sent out email, and I am posting here, and hopefully that will earn me enough pledges to get me off the hook.

It makes it easier that this is a pretty compelling cause. If you want some idea of why the helpline is needed, go to their chilling page on how to erase your online tracks. Can you imagine living under that kind of scrutiny, with someone who believes they are entitled to that kind of control over you, and having no way out? It makes me angry just thinking about it.

So if you want to pledge some money for a good cause, or just to express your astonishment that I am actually running anywhere for any reason, here's my online pledge page. Thank you!