Another Clié Weblog Entry.

#datetime 28/7/04 19:11

So the infrastructure has gotten much closer to being done, without being any closer to being done. What I mean is that I built a Palm conduit in Python, using Palm's COM API, so I can take advantage of all the nice, high-level Python libraries for things like threading, and network access, and security, instead of having to locate and figure out how to use other people's, or worse, code them up myself!

There are still a few problems with the framework, I can't seem to call anything with a Variant Out parameter, and I haven't tested writing records, but other than that, it's golden, and I expect those bugs will be fixed as soon as people start playing with it. And none of the actual sync code is written, either, but that will be trivial, right? Right. Still, if you're reading this, then I must have gotten something working...

Update: It is working! It doesn't synchronize in any way, it just uploads the entries and hopes for the best, but I'll fix that later. You can grab a copy of the conduit code here, and the Plua source for the app itself here.

Coming soon: marking the memos which have been uploaded, so that we don't upload them again. (I've got the code to ignore them working just fine, but I haven't delved into the black art of writing a record back to the Palm yet.)