Now I feel like I’m behind the times.

I was reading a presentation about how to write better software for non-developers, and it said:

I would refuse to work on any sort of collaborative software development project that doesn’t use version control.

I totally agree. Heck, I even use version control for my personal one-off projects. But it got me wondering what people use at their jobs, so I asked my friends who were on instant messenger, as a straw poll. The results were shockingly unanimous. Subversion. 8 for 8. I regret to say that I’m not using Subversion at my job, but that may change someday. In the meantime, leave a comment, and tell me what you’re using at work or at home, either to make me feel better, or to rub my nose in it.

Update: One person uses Clear Case. I’ve heard good things about Clear Case.