iPhone games…

A co-worker recently got a new iPhone, and I since he didn’t have many apps on it yet, I thought I’ld send him a list of the stuff I had bought/downloaded and enjoyed. So, without any further ado, here are a few of my favourites, all available on the AppStore.1

Toy Bot Diaries. (The link is to the free version, but I bought the full version.)

Galcon. (The link is to the free version, but I bought the full version.)

Line Rider. ($2.99, but c’mon, it’s Line Rider. How can you not get it? ;)

Twitterrific. (Free, but only useful if you’re on Twitter. Which I am. As bwinton.)

TimmyMe. (Free, finds the closest Tim Hortons to you.)

Tap Tap Revenge. (Free, like Dance Dance Revolution, but for your fingers. I actually don’t play this much, but it’s free.)
Ba dum dum dum!

PapiJump. (Free. By the guy who made the world’s most addictive Palm game, SFCave.)

Labyrinth. (The link is to the free version. I didn’t buy the full version of this.)
Easy now!

Cube Runner. (Free. I got this after watching someone play it on the subway.)

Enigmo. ($4.99, but really impressive. Really, really impressive.)

That’s about it…

  1. As opposed to Jailbreak apps, which I’ve got a few of. They tend to be more productivity/programming apps, which I didn’t think he’ld be interested in.