Bzr Looms kick ass!

On the Bazaar mailing list, Robert Collins wrote:

I’m happy to announce bzr-loom.

And I’m happy to use them!

My company uses vss for our version control, (I know. That should be “for our ‘version’ ‘control’”,) and we had recently announced a code freeze for an impending release. Thanks to bzr-loom, which I downloaded and installed on my birthday (the 5th), I could continue to push ahead with my work, and pop down and fix bugs in the frozen code when it became necessary, and never lose my history, and not have to deal with copying directories back and forth. Heck, by adding a thread for each proposed future VSS checkin, I even had a reasonable history in VSS when it came time to check everything in.

Thank you, Robert, for making my job far more bearable.