New Feature: Music reviews.

Since our receptionist (Oops, "Office Manager") left, and I took the opportunity to grab a copy of her entire iTunes folder, I've been listening to a lot of new music. Most of it is even actually new, and not just new to 33-year old fogeys who are stuck back in 1992. So, along with some book reviews that I'm in the middle of writing, I figured that I would write some reviews of the new tunes that I've been listening to, in the hopes that it will get me posting a little more to this weblog thing.

I promise to not review more than one thing per day, so as to not overwhelm the five of you who read this weblog. Having said that, I've been listening to more than one thing in the past couple of days, so I've got a few things for review queued up, which means that we'll probably have at least one per (week-)day for the next little while. I'm aiming for approximately 200 words per review, or more accurately somewhere near 1500 characters, because my editor (Scite) has a count of characters, but no word-count that I could find. Clearly this post isn't going to make that limit, but then again, it's not actually a review, so I don't mind.

And I've just realized that I lied. I'll probably be doing some book reviews as well, and perhaps even a review of a restaurant, if one catches my fancy. If I were younger, with more desposable income, I'ld be all over the new gadget reviews, too.