I'm sure it'll get better.

Wow! This has started off as the worst day I've had in a very long time. On my ride to work, someone walking past me snagged my headphone cord with their purse, and yanked the cord out of both my ears, and my Clie. Damn did it ever hurt, and apparently broke my right headphone, since now no sound comes out of it. Then, I just missed the elevator, and no-one in it was nice enough to hold the door for me. Once I got to the office, I tried to make oatmeal, but it boiled over in the microwave after a minute, so I cleaned it up, and decided to cut my losses and just eat the slightly crunchy gruel it's ended up as, and on my way back to my desk, I spilled the cup of coffee I was carrying.

I'm sure it'll get better as the day goes on, but at this point, I'm just afraid of what'll happen next.