Strange Conversations in IM

[14:50] Skiff: о
[14:50] Skiff: привет
[14:51] Skiff: сообщения дошли?
[14:51] Coder: I'm afraid I don't speak Russian.  Perhaps you were looking for someone else? 
[14:51] Skiff: omg :)
[14:52] Skiff: do you have a GLATCO Credit Union enroll accounts?
[14:52] Coder: Nope. 
[14:53] Skiff: sorry
[14:53] Skiff: b
[14:53] Coder: No problem.  I get it all the time. 
[14:53] Coder: Have a nice day. 
[14:54] Skiff: thx :)

Well, that was odd. Can anyone translate the stuff at the top, and leave a comment letting me know what it says?