Parental Observations.

On Sunday, Amy, Delphine, and I went to meet some friends from New York at the Distillery District. Sadly, we just missed the bus at King and Yonge which would have taken us there, which got me to thinking. Normally I'm an extremely punctual person. In fact, I usually show up five or ten minutes early to wherever it is I'm supposed to be, with the expectation that I'll have to entertain myself. Since my Clie is with me all the time, and I usually have two or three books on the go on it, I'm never worried about having something to do while I wait. (The one exception to this is hanging around Delphine's day care. I feel sort of like the strange man who's a little too interested in your children. Since I'll probably be picking up Del for the next few months so that Amy can work a few more hours, I should probably get over that, eh?) Anyways, when I'm travelling with Delphine, I'm much less likely to get somewhere early, because she's much harder to keep amused for five or ten minutes than I am, and so I cut my travelling time closer, and then sometimes miss connections.

Just something to keep in mind if you're ever meeting me somewhere.