Malted Barley Flour Review

At the Royal Winter Fair this year, Amy picked up a small bag of malted barley flour, because she likes the taste of malt, and because we have a recipe for malt bread which calls for malted (not barley) flour. We’ve since tried to use it in a few different loaves, and while I quite enjoy the taste, as little as a quarter of a cup will make the bread twice as dense as usual, and incredibly sticky to boot.

It seems like it would be a useful thing to have, so that if you had a bread that you knew was going to be a little dry for some reason, you could just add a pinch of the stuff, and moisten it right up, but I still haven’t figured out how little to put in to get a slightly-moister bread which doesn’t adhere to the knife. If I do, I’ll be sure to post a comment, but until then, if you manage to get some malted barley flour, be exceedingly sparing in your use of it, and I’ll continue experimenting and picking bread out of my teeth.