The Tour de Dufflet

This year, Amy and I decided to try the Tour de Dufflet. Okay, so it was more like I decided to try the Tour de Dufflet, and convinced Amy to come along with me, but that’s the same, right? I took a few notes12345 on which routes would be less likely to have a lot of traffic on them, and after my parents picked up Delphine and Cordelia, we set out. 46 km and 4 hours later, we arrived home, tired, sore, and full. I think it was mostly a success, although Amy was certainly done having fun by the time we were on the third leg. The stats were as follows:

  • Average speed: 15.0 km/h
  • Total distance: 46.18 km
  • Biking time: 3:04:32
  • Total time (including eating cake): around 4 hours.

I’ve got to say, I’m really pretty impressed with how well Amy did. To go from virtually no bicycling to a 46 km trek (and a 46 km trek with a self-admitted speed freak) is something that a lot of people would skip out on, or avoid, but she went for it, and went faster than I hoped she would. Would we do it again next year? My guess is no, since it wasn’t a lot of fun at the end. On the other hand, if Amy continues to bike throughout the year, she might just go for it, to see if it’s gotten any easier. (I’m hoping to do it next year, as you might have guessed from the url of the post.)

  1. The notes went as follows: “Forman -> Eglinton -> Mt. Pleasant -> Sheldrake -> Yonge”, 

  2. “Craighurst -> Rosewell -> Default -> Bloor -> Manning -> Queen” 

  3. “??? (Ended up being Strachan) -> Martin Goodman Trail -> Woodbine” 

  4. “Dundas -> Greenwood -> Strathmore -> Donlands -> Mt. Pleasant -> Laird -> Broadway -> Yonge” 

  5. and finally “Yonge -> Broadway -> Redpath -> Soudan -> Forman” to get home again.