Still A Little Sore.

As you may remember, I fell off my bike a few weeks ago. Well, ever since then, my shoulder has been hurting if I tried to raise it horizontally with my palm up. This morning, I went to my wife's chiropracter to see if she could tell me why, and what was up with it. After moving my arm in a bunch of ways, she determined that I did something with my rotator cuff, and so I'm going to see her again on Thursday, and she gave me a strange exercise to do in the meantime. I'm not exactly sure how the pendulum stretching exercise will help, but that's the second reference I've found to it, so I guess it does something. (She suggested I do it without the weight, though. Actually, she didn't mention a weight at all, but I think my arm is probably heavy enough to have some benefit as it is.) Similarly, the muscles on the knee that I came down on are far tighter than the ones on the other side, so I suspect we'll be working on that as well in the coming visits.

I'll have to remember to ask her on Thursday how long she thinks it will take to heal up. Here's hoping it gets better sooner (like the "2-4 weeks minimum" listed on the previous webpage), instead of later (like the "never" listed on the previous webpage).