My first road rash.

On my ride home yesterday, it started to rain. I haven't ridden in the rain much, so I figured I'ld do a test stop, to see how much longer it would take me to come to a complete halt. I waited until I was on an empty street, fairly close to my home, and peddled until I got to 32km/h (I usually get to 35km/h on that stretch of street, but I didn't want to push it). It turns out that at that speed, it takes me approximately twice as long, which is good to know. I figured I would take it a little slower for the rest of the ride home. I made a left, then a right, and then, as I was slowing down nice and gently, and making the next right, my front wheel hit a patch of water, and locked up. The bike turned, and I completely bailed onto the street, landing on my knee, and then my elbow. It was kind of fun sliding down the pavement on a layer of water. Sort of like a Slip-N-Slide. I picked myself up, used the rest of the water in my bottle to rinse off the worst of the gravel, and biked home, where Amy scrubbed the injuries with a washcloth, and put some Polysporin on them to heal. They're already looking a lot better, and they don't hurt much, so I'm hoping for a swift recovery, with minimal scarring.