Selling. Or not.

The condo is on the market, and has been for a couple of weeks, which means my entire life is dedicated to cleaning and tidying. It's boring and has convinced me that it will never be worth my time to have a perfectly clean and tidy house in real life, However, I have learned a thing or two.

First, it is actually worthwhile to sweep every day. I always thought daily sweeping was the province of the obsessively clean, but now I find out that sweeping the kitchen, bathroom (the one with the kitty litter box) and front hall yields an impressive pile of crud, every single day. Huh!

I also suspect (although this is only a hypothesis for now) that sweeping the bathroom every day would prevent the build-up of that layer of linty, hairy crud behind the toilet -- no lint and hair, no buildup! That would be nice.

And second, I have learned that the cats only use their litter box overnight, which I suppose follows from that whole nocturnal thing. That means that if you clean out the box in the morning, you're good to go for the rest of the day.

For some reason I was expecting the condo to move really quickly, and so earlier this week Blake and I were pretty dispirited that it hadn't. I was poking around the place trying to figure out what the problem was... stains on the carpet? Floors need refinishing? Cheap closet doors? Cursing the lazy builders who didn't bother to actually square off the walls. But I've now decided that the right person just hasn't come through yet; when you have a good location and high ceilings and big windows and a view like ours, carpets and floors and doors fade into insignificance. (Obviously, or we would have fixed them by now ourselves.) When someone comes along with the right budget and the right priorities the place will sell, we just have to wait for that someone.